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At The Sports Physio Clinic, we believe in treating everyone in a professional manner - without forgetting friendliness & compassion. We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we meet - always seeking to help manage & resolve injuries efficiently & effectively to their conclusion.  All staff seek to work as a team, and use the strengths of our colleagues to improve the care of our patients.  We all aim to improve our skills & knowledge through regular professional development, and ensure we remain passionate about the work we do & how we do it.

Andrew Ryan  AppSc(Phty) MHlthSc(SportsPhty) | APA Sports Physiotherapist | Narrabeen |W Pymble

Katie Ryan  BAppSc(Phty) GradDip(SportsPhty) | APA Sports Physiotherapist | NSWIS Accredited

Kandice Goodwin  M(SportsPhty) BPhysio BAppSc(Leis&Hlth) | Narrabeen | Hydrotherapy

Kandice is a senior physiotherapist who has had extensive experience across a number of sports - rugby, softball, netball and athletics.  Kandice has a special interest in Women’s Helalth and its role in female athletic performance.    

Annie Garrett  BScGradDip(Phty) | Narrabeen

Annie is one of our three most senior physiotherapists who has been at the practice since 1986 managing sporting related injuries for patients of all ages.  She also has a special interest in casts & custom splinting.

Karen Forrester  BAppSc(Phty) | APA Sports Physiotherapist | Narrabeen

Karen is our most senior and experienced physiotherapist, having worked at the practice soon after its opening in 1984.  Karen had the privilege of working with both Greg Craig and Ian Collier in the centre and she has extensive experience and a love of the management of shoulder pathology.

Alan Robinson   BAppSc(Phty) M(SportsPhty) | Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist |

West Pymble | Narrabeen

Alan joined the practice in 2017, and is a senior physiotherapist at both our locations.  He has completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University and and has a special interest in ACL injury rehabilitation & injury associated with growth & adolescence.  

Sabrina Dibble  BScGradDip(Phty)GradDip(SportSc) | Narrabeen  

Sabrina is one of our most senior and experienced physiotherapists at Narrabeen.  She has been with us since 1998.

Lindsay Muir  BSc | Member APA | Narrabeen | Hydrotherapy

Lindsay joined us from the Australian Rugby Union, and before that, from the UK.  Her background is in rugby union and rowing - herself competing as a member of Junior and Under 23 Great British Rowing squad from 2004-2008 competing internationally at European and World regattas, and locally in the surf boats at Curl Curl.

Penny Hanlon  BAppsc (Phty) | Narrabeen | Women’s Health & Continence Physiotherapy

Penny is an amazing physiotherapist who makes an enormous difference in people’s lives through her special interest in continence & women’s health address a broad range of issues including:

Elizabeth Angus (Lizzy)  BPhty | Member APA SPA |  West Pymble | Pymble LC

We welcomed Lizzy to the team in 2017 - she is working at all our locations at present.  Lizzy is also currently completing the Master of Sports Physiotherapy.

Andy Farley  MPhty BHumanMovtSc | Member APA SPA | Narrabeen

Andy joined us in 2016, and has recently completed his Level 1 ASCA accreditation.

Alice Brown  BHSc MPhty | Member APA SPA | West Pymble | Pymble Ladies College

Alice joined the physio team in 2017 and has had experience working in both netball and rugby.  Alice is completing her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at LaTrobe Uni in 2018/2019.

Will Thom   BAppSc(Phty) | West Pymble

Will (“golden hands”) Thom is a senior physiotherapist at the West Pymble clinic with experience in playing & coaching football (Barker College) and in sports physiotherapy for football (soccer).  He has travelled extensively with sport, recently travelling as team physiotherapist to Colombia to the Futsal World Cup 2016.  Will is currently undertaking Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe Uni.

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“An APA Sports Physiotherapist is a highly qualified professional with expert knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.

An APA Sports Physiotherapist has completed at least four years of university studies & has a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, crisis management, assessment & treatment of joint & muscle conditions.

In addition, an APA Sports Physiotherapist has undertaken further studies specifically in the management of sports injuries.

An APA Sports Physiotherapist is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and is bound by its professional Code of Conduct.

They have undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have the level of experience & knowledge to be awarded the title”

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