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Basic foundation class.

A gentle exercise + education class.  Time spent in & out of the water learning about the changes to expect during pregnancy, the issues that can develop and ways to avoid problems.  We recommend an initial assessment prior to the class to allow Penny to target any specific, individual problems.

Class Outlines

Wk 1 – Pelvic floor: anatomy & function

Wk 2 – Changes in pelvic floor anatomy

Wk 3 – Bladder & normal micturition cycle

Wk 4 – Bowel & anal sphincters

Wk 5 – Pregnancy and exercise

Wk 6 – Types of incontinence

Wk 7 – Types of prolapse

Wk 8 – Birth and its stages

Wk 9 – Vaginal delivery or C-section

Wk 10 – Immediately post birth

Wk 11 – Breast-feeding, positions & pain

Wk 12 – Returning to exercise

A more advanced class.

Hydrotherapy: Classes for all levels



Tuesday & Thursday

      8.30am     Aquacare

      9.00am     Aquacare

      9.30am     Aquastrength


      9.00am     Aquacare

      9.30am     Aquacare

      10.15am   Aquastrength

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